Thursday, December 1, 2011

November Happenings

We started the Thanksgiving celebration a couple of weeks early, before missionary transfer day.

A simple reminder on our wall.

This is the long foo foo paddle the Congolese use daily to stir their manioc.  The little hanging sign says, "For health and strength and daily food we praise thy name, oh Lord."

Thanksgiving prep.  Pulling the amaranth leaves from our little garden plot.

The missionaries finishing off their Thanksgiving meal.

The Ilungas are the first Church supported Congolese missionary couple.  They stayed with us for a week before being sent to their assignment.

This is Congolese Thanksgiving.
 White corn from Zambia makes the foo foo ball and a can of corned beef and spinach are the condiments.  Very tasty.  No utensils used.  It is pinched with the fingers like play doh. 

Sister Ilunga and Sister Moore at their early morning exercises.

One of the many political parades marching by in front of our house.
 Elder Moore was ready with the camera.


Another group not quite as large as the previous, but just as colorful and noisy.

After voting, the thumb was stained to avoid duplication.  It is a non removable dye that will eventually wear away.

Time for the first official District Conference.  The mission rented a hall for the occasion.

A nice shot taken before auxiliary training.  Sister Moore is wearing her Congolese skirt. 

Getting ready for the Conference Sunday morning.  Front row seats are nice.

Missionary Zone Conference on Monday at the District Office.  
 It has been a busy month.

A fine group shot of all our Missionaries.  Too bad the last two rows are standing in the shadows.
 Remedy that next time!

Time for the Christmas decorations to be displayed!
One origami star was made each Sunday afternoon since we have been here just for the occasion.

Elder Moore's contribution.  Merry Christmas!