Monday, July 23, 2012

Early Morning Missionary Visit

A left turn off the main road into the interior.

Breakfast is available here.

Two early risers in their front yard.

Missionary neighbors.

Open the gate!  Here is President Moore with our allowance!

Our happy Missionaries posing for us on prep-day.

The missionaries have a nice enclosed space.  Now we need to do a little shopping.

Ready for a fun day.  The tire and stick off to the side is a favorite toy here.

A shopping possibility.  We do need some tomatoes.

A right hand turn back onto the main road.  Prime location for business.

A heavy load.  This man will sell his fuel.  The charcoal has been prepared in the village outside of town.

We are almost to the bread store. 

This is a nice avenue, though not without chuckholes!

The familiar water tower in the neighborhood.  There is usually a line up of people here.  Now, no water!

This is a taxi stop in front of the bread store.  Even when there is no room for you, they will find the space.

Self explanatory.

Has she been shopping or is she selling?  This is a familiar sight.

This is our home stretch intersection.  Just to the right a ways is  #8 Lusambo Ave.  We are about a half a mile from the airport.  Busy street.

Our exhuberant neighbors, especially with Sunday morning drums.