Thursday, January 27, 2011

1st Post

Today (Wednesday, January 26, 2011) we were released from serving in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. Actually the effective date will be 5 p.m. on Friday. We have loved serving Mid-Days on Wednesday and Friday. Our fellow workers are the "Salt of the Earth" and they haven't lost their savor.

This blog presents some interesting things we learned at, the "Meetinghouse Locator" quick link. I took pictures of the screen with my camera (thus the poor quality photos).

This is a photo of the LDS meeting houses in our city: Lubumbashi, DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo). There are 7 LDS meetinghouses in Lubumbashi with a total of at least 13 wards. No branches are mentioned.

This is a close-up of one such building. It looks like an LDS building.

This is a photo of the meetinghouses in the Paris Metropolitan area. 12 meetinghouses, but only one ward in each building.

I (William) served a mission in Belgium in 1966-68. Brussels had two branches at that time. Now it has two wards. Seems to me that the growth of the Church is in Africa and that Europe is stagnating.

The January Ensign has an article about a young Congolese who has sold bananas for 4 years to earn money to buy a visa ($250) so he can go on a mission. There are over 40 other young men in his district who are also preparing to go on missions. Amazing! And I thought that South Jordan was "Mission Central"!

We promise to keep the blog entries short "with pictures". Since we are called as "Public Affairs", pictures should be part of the calling.

Feel free to add your comments.

Ann and Bill Moore


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  2. It works! I'm looking forward to reading about your adventures.