Saturday, March 5, 2011

Public Affairs Training

We've just completed the 3 days of Public Affairs training at the Joseph Smith Building in Salt Lake.  The first day we sang the first 2 verses of "Called to Serve" with new lyrics.

1. We the couples recently retired
    Heard our prophet's missionary call.
    With the faith and strength that is required
    We respond one and all.

    Couples make a difference
    In the world of here and now
    Couples make a difference
    And we're to show you how
    For decades we have labored
    And we've shed blood sweat and tears
    God our strength shall be
    We'll serve him throughout all our coming years.

2. We are couples who are getting older
    Left our *kids and grandchildren behind
    New responsibilities to shoulder
    Challenges of every kind.

3. We the couples of a royal army
    Called to serve in lands both far and near
    Leaving home and all our friends and family
    And a comfort zone so dear.

4. We the couples of a noble birthright
    Here to represent our Lord and King
    As we labor with our heart and Might
    Precious souls to Him we bring.

The oft repeated theme of our training; We Follow Jesus Christ.  That's why we Saints do everything in the Church.  Reminds me of Moses 5 when the angel told Adam and Eve why they were asked to offer sacrifices.  

Our major calling: the Training of Public Affairs Counsels on the Core Purpose and Process for Building
Relationships with Opinion Leaders.

There is a three step process:
1. Identify local issues relevant to the Church
2. Identify the opinion leaders (influencers) who can help resolve Step 1.
3. Create road maps to reach the opinion leaders

We make friends for the Church in an open, genuine and truthful manner.

If you want to know more about all this, just log on to

We fly out Monday morning.  The next blog will be from Lubumbashi, if we survive the flight.

Bill and Ann Moore

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