Sunday, April 17, 2011

Recent Pictures

Mbjui-Mayi:  Elder and Sister Moore sitting on the sideways benches in the back of the Catholic Charities truck.  We will have a our own Toyota truck with forward facing seats and seat belts which will make for a smoother ride.  No bruises.  

Group shot of university students.  The man squatting in front is Christian, the president of the Economics Department English Club.

These two men work as security at the complex where we live.  The taller is Skamo, who requested a Bible but got a Book of Mormon (because we have no Bibles to give away).  I gave him a French copy and he later came back for a Swahili version.  He lent me Histoire de l'Eglise (History of the Church) which very well chronicles the apostasy of Christ's Church and the formation of the subsequent plethora of Christian churches.  Mormons get a paragraph and are listed as heretical Christians.  Skamo liked the pamphlet on the Restoration (re-establishment might be a better understood word).  He has read half of the Book of Mormon and influenced two other workers here to request Books of Mormon, both in Swahili.  The short man is sporting a tie that he picked from the pile of unwanted missionary ties.  Skamo expertly tied it for him.

The lecture room at the University of Lubumbashi.  They asked us to tell something about what we were doing and a brief explanation of our Church.  

A typical picture I borrowed from Sister Headlee's blog.

The LDS chapel in Mweni-Ditu.  After this next week's transfer, there will be 4 missionaries here to complement the 2 branches that meet in this building.  The branch president's name is Wilson.

A fine looking Catholic church on the road to Laputa.  There is also a school here and a nunnery, but no more Europeans.

At the Mbjui-Mayi district office.  We will teach English classes here.  The district clerk on the left, one of the 4 branch presidents with suspenders.  

We have really enjoyed Conference.  President Monson's Sunday morning talk will be the subject of my first talks in Mbjui-Mayi.  One of our assignments there is to prepare a group to go to the Johannesburg Temple on August 20-24, 2012.  On our way home we will attend the temple with them.  

The Conference talk on "to be or not to be" was masterful.  Every parent in Zion should study it carefully, especially those with children in little league sports.  

This African mission is supposed to be a hardship mission.  We're finding that the Lord seems to ease the burdens and prepare the way so that everything is very doable.  Watching the Lord work with these African Saints is amazing.  We're glad we're here.

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  1. How wonderful to see your faces!
    Great reports.
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