Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bamboo Kitchen

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The bamboo kitchen prior to food prep.
Who would think that somewhere on this beautiful savannah is the making of a perfect setting for an outdoor kitchen?

The basics of cassava preparation includes the manioc flour,  corn flour, water, a big paddle and hard work.

The bamboo kitchen is in full swing.  

The kids know exactly when it is dinner time.  Does anyone recognize little Willie from the previous blog?

Another group of waiting children.  Little Willie is included again.  His sister is the beautiful girl in the orange dress.

The pot of greens.  These are amaranth leaves.  Notice the ingenious cooking fire.   These two bamboo poles are crossed under the pot and pushed in when the fire need arises.

She is grinding peanuts.  They are usually put in with the greens and add a little protein.

These are the cassava balls cooked, shaped with a plastic bowl and ready for eating.  Pinch a little of the ball and rub it into the vegetable dish for a nice little flavor with each bite.

If you make enough noise you are the first one served.  This little guy loves the green sauce and knows the secrets of dipping deep.  The dog waits around for a spilled treat.

These two girls are probably a little lethargic with malaria.  They have a nice little blanket spot and yes, the sandals look brand new!

Clean up time in the bamboo kitchen.

You can never rest too long!  Time to get ready for another meal.

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