Tuesday, May 17, 2011

African Road Rage

These 7 pictures are for the grandchildren and you older children who like pictures.  We received these pictures from the Platts in Washington D.C.  

"Dinner for Six" with two very nice men.  Sister Packer was still in the restaurant hostage becasue we hadn't yet paid the bill.

We had a successful “Dinner for Six” at the Italian Restaurant.  The Church Humanitarian Services have developed a “free” workbook for teaching Conversational English.  The University of Lubumbashi was interested in having it printed so maybe we’ll use the workbook when missionaries start teaching English on campus.  The university offered us a tract of land on campus to build a church.  Apparently 4 others religions have buildings on campus.  The Church, if /when it builds a building in that part of Lubumbashi (there are 7 Church buildings in town) would rather buy property and build just off campus. 

Our Toyota Hilux was air mailed today to Mbuji-Mayi, at least the Indian air freight company promised to try for today.  Lots of money but probably cheaper than attempting to drive it there and then attempt repairs.  I learned that the new Hilux the mission purchased to replace our older model cost $38,000.  Those imports are always more expensive!  The domestic options were limited.  I’ve noticed, Dutch, German, Indian, and Chinese semi-trucks here.  There’s a new Caterpillar dealership going up near the airport. 

One of the annoying features of Lubumbashi is something I did as a child for my parents: burn the trash.  In the 1960’s everyone had a little wire incinerator in the back yard and we burned paper type trash.  Here we close our windows at night to avoid the smell of burning trash.  The paper trash (not wanted by the recyclers) from our office is burned in the dirt street just outside the front gate.  This country is only a few years behind the United States. 

Only one more hurdle before our move to Mbuji-Mayi: our long-term visa.  Today is a holiday (President Kibila’s assassinated father removed the former president from office on May 17th.  It’s an independence day for the Congo.

Elder William and Sister Ann Moore

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  1. We pray for your success each day. Thank you so much for the pictures. It really helps us get a good feel for your mission.