Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bug Game Hunt

These first three photos are for the Moore grandchildren who love bugs.  They love to bus us with bugs. No giraffes, lions, elephants or hippos -- yet!  We do plan to take a safari before we come home.

 Grasshopper found under Sister Moore's cross-stitch chair
 This leggy beast flew into the office
 A mosquito carcass from the morning hunt at the window screen
 Now some Lubumbashi Congo Zone Conference photos
This the the special choir.  All these elders live in the same "musical" apartment.  President Packer has visions of them performing first in all the wards on special fellowshipping nights and then in concert someplace in the city.
 Two happy elders.  Who could resist their smiles and spirit.
 The sisters led the way to lunch: KFC, bread, cookie and apple
 Older missionaries
 A Hong Kong Mission Conference at the "Peak"
 Hot dogs and slaw were maybe not Chinese food
 Sister Chiu (in red) was from our ward in Sheung Shui
 Mission skit
Lubumbashi Stake Center = scene of the Zone Conference

A Missionary Moment for us this week involved the security guard coming to me with his Book of Mormon in hand. He had a question.  He opened to Moroni 10 and read me verses 3-4.  Then he explained them to me and asked me if that was what they meant.  He understood perfectly.  We talked about testimonies, tithing (he brought the subject up), families and going to Church (almost impossible for him because he works every Sunday.  He said that he was making arrangements to get a Sunday off and to take his family of 9 to the ward in his neighborhood.  He really has 11 children but two died young (3 years and 8 months) of malaria.    We talked about how he could raise them in the next life.  
His salary is $100 per month working here as a security guard.  How does he feed his family?  

Thanks for praying for us and all the missionaries.

Elder William and Sister Ann Moore

ps  still no visas.  We are still in Lubumbashi.

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