Saturday, September 17, 2011

Muya 2 Missionary Open House

There is something very interesting about this photo.  Can you see it?

The missionaries have been holding "open houses" at the chapels.
This is at Muya 2 Branch.  Two weeks ago at Diulu Branch
it wasn't dark enough for the movie.  This week the elders borrowed
the "wrap-around" fabric from a couple of the sisters to make drapes.

Elder N'Goran from Ivory Coast gestures with his hands when he teaches.
The other man is a branch missionary who is translating from French 
into Tshiluba, the local language.

Elder Zafimanijara is from Madagascar.  

Elder Mukendi didn't need a Tshiluba translater because
he speaks both French and Tshiluba.  Notice the diagram
of the organization of Christ's ancient church on the black

Elder Kapanga

The elders used our computer to project the movie on the wall. 

Two little lizards live in this bush.  They are a good replacement
for the eagle who would have eaten these little guys.

We have another open house this afternoon in Muya 1.  

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