Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tshitenga Village 

The District Presidency and the Moores as the missionary couple are on their way to Tshitenga to organize a new branch there.  It is a two hour plus walk to Church for the members now, so it is needful.  We are on our way.  Enjoy the sights.

On our way out of town.  Many markets on both sides of the street.

Bridge over the Goat River.  On the other side many merchants from the villages round about.

We need to pass the barrier to be let through.  That means show the passport, pay the money, avoid the bribes.

While we wait, cassava leaves are inspected by the ladies and the boys are anxious to sell their bread.

Fritters in a basket are offered for sale.  Someone was up pretty early to have these ready.

We are ready to go.

I thought this was an animal holding pen.  Correction: A house in the making and ready for mud.

Our destination.  It is Wednesday morning and the Branch is waiting for us, including a choir.

The Relief Society under their own small tree.  Beautiful.

The brothers up and ready to shake hands.

Some of the choir members.  Opening song, "The Spirit of God," and the closing song, "God Be With You."

Priesthood leaders.  Third from the left will be the new Branch President.  The man in the grey suit is the District President

Sammy led the choir.  He is also a Branch Missionary and responsible for many of the baptisms here.

Elder Moore spoke a few words and was able to use the scripture in Matthew 23:37, "How often have I desired to gathered (my) children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings..."

A beautiful bamboo grove on the property which might be used as a gathering place for the Branch.

An outbuilding to be used for Primary or Relief Society?  Everything was so nice and peaceful.

The hustle and bustle again on our way back home.

Beautiful country with the river flowing in the distance.

We have arrived at city center again.  Notice the woman standing beside the landmark.

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