Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sunday in Mwene-Ditu

On Sunday we drove the 140 kilometers (2 1/2 hours) with our driver Codefroid to Mwene-Ditu.  We drive in Mbuji-Mayi (on the main roads), but for longer trips we prefer to have a driver.
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On our way!  Small shop and brother and sister on their way!

Carefree children along the road side.  They are also up early.

A stop at a small village.  What's for sale?  Probably breakfast.  

Corn growing season has started.  Every family has some planted.

A large bag of cassava leaves ready to be picked up and brought to market.

An at home palm oil processing enterprise.  Busy lady.

Mom bringing home the fire wood on her head.

A little more market action.

Arrived at Mweni Ditu.  Kids are always there to greet you.

Riding piggy back, like every lucky Congolese baby.

Mother and daughter.  Mother is waiting to have her hair done under a big church tree.

We all need a rest after church.  Who is that lady anyway?

Hair dresser in action.  Fingers flying.

Gorgeous with hair all done.

Closer look at the hair detail.

 Mostly a happy family.  I took out my recorder and played "I Am a Child of God" for them.

The Branch Presidency; the tall and the short of it.

Mother waiting for baptism.

Happy Day.  The Elders wanted a last picture with the new converts.  They will be transferred.

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