Wednesday, January 4, 2012

An Early Morning Walk in Lubumbashi

5:30 AM in Lubumbashi.  The Wilsons are taking the lead.  Double click to see these pictures enlarged.

The Bunkers pointing out the changes and points of interest that have come to L'bashi.

Private gated compounds are the Congo's interpretation of our "gated communities".

It is fun to notice the individual styles.  The Golf area is considered quite prosperous.

Small private store fronts along the road.  It is still too early for business.

Don't try to sit in this chair!

As a lover of houses, I have had to make walls do.  Someone lives here!

This little strip mall is a little more modern and prosperous than the previous one.

We planned on a future sandwich here but never quite made it.

Wouldn't  you like a look behind this wall?

Notice the paved road.  These roads were all dirt when we were here last.    Unfortunately the edges are already starting to crumble here and there.  Note the drainage moat.  Very important in this wet climate.

Elder Moore might think that he is the flower expert but I took this  one.   Pretty nice!

We wandered a dirt road.  This is a brick making kiln.

Behind this impressive gate is an impressive auto repair shop.  Can you find it?

  This is the gate of the mission home neighbors.  Two guards keep watch here day and night.  A little of the old dirt road is still visible.  Memories of many bumps!

We are back again from our walk; six o'clock and people are stirring and on their way.  A quick glance back got me this picture.  Looks like she was equally as curious. 

This is the mission office.  We used to have the upstairs apartment when we were first here.  The mission home is also located here but on the other side of the compound.

Aha!  I planted a promising avocado pit, started its growth and the gardener has kept it alive.   

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