Sunday, January 15, 2012

A ride across town to the craft market in Lubumbashi.

On our way!   Just want to mention that our electrical wire has been stolen twice here in Mbuji Mayi,  but our pole did not have such a conveniently built in ladder as this one.

In this case, ladders are a bother if you can walk on through.

A little meat market.  We like the colorful advertising.

 An unbroken chain of mini markets.  There are many beauty salons such as this; the ladies say Congolese hair is very difficult to deal with.  The men mainly shave theirs off.

All done without a shopping cart.  This is probably charcoal; it is the popular cooking fuel.

A busy corner.  The sky in Lubumbashi is fabulous.

A little shade and a "How are you?"

The photo is a little fuzzy but it pretty well shows it all.  The yellow containers were once oil drums but a good washing makes them perfect for hauling water.

Play Station 2.  This might once have been a popular spot.  Now it looks a little sad. 

Tires for sale?

You try to go around it, not through it!

Another level of merchandizing.

One will do anything to beat the heat when shopping.

We loved this little store front embellishment.

Sometimes life is just a lot of hard pushing or pulling.

Come on in.  A cute little restaurant with outdoor seating.

A little art shop.  We admire the creative entrepreneur. 

Another creative enterprise.  This fence is made up of old discarded car fenders.

Busy people with a destination.  Lubumbashi is great.

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