Saturday, March 24, 2012

Food from A to Z, which translates foo foo!

Water!  A definite necessity for life.  This is one of the Church's water projects in one of the villages.  They used to have to carry it for miles.  The yellow containers hold up to 20 liters.  The blue one in the background holds 35.  HEAVY! Here is an early morning gathering at the tap.  Soon the women will be ready
to cook breakfast.

Clean potable water!  Morning, noon and night.

Beef on the hoof.  These fellows look like they could use a drink.

Our growing pumpkin.  The pumpkin is quite a staple here.  This little squash finally became pumpkin soup last week.   We have also eaten the leaves.  You can google the recipe if you are interested.  It is said that they are quite nutritious.

The proud father!

This is the cutest of little pumpkins, but she is non-edible.

Pumpkins and watermelons for sale along the roadside.

Here is a nice, neat little fruit stand.

The Greek baker down the street experimented with a foo foo type bread and let us try some.    A lot of corn in this recipe.  It definitely needed  a little cucumber and tomato salad to soften it up and to give it some taste.

How about a nice hard boiled egg?  The hot sauce sits right on top of the pile in a pint mason jar.
This is a common sight.

Foo Foo in the making.  This is corn and cassava mush Sylvie is stirring up,  and it will be served in a ball with green sauce and a little meat, if you are lucky

Foo foo and green sauce ready to go.  The green sauce here is Congolese spinach, with a little onion, leek, leaf celery, a snip of red pepper and a cherry tomato.  We did add a little can of corned beef.

Cassava leaves are usually part of the evening meal.  It is quite a process to cook these.   This sister is ready to go home with her arms full of them.  We know what is for dinner here.

This is Rose.  She knocks on our gate quite frequently.  Her produce is usually nice and fresh.    Today she is selling green bumpy lemons, guava, papaya, tomatoes, mint leaves, palm nuts and green beans.  By the way, would I give her my Skechers as her thongs are getting worn out and her feet are tired.

On her way again.  She is a natural show woman.  She will bring mama some potatoes Monday

This is mama Teresa.  She is counting her money on the way out.  No cucumbers today, but maybe next time.  She carries the money over her left breast.  
Saturday night and it is already time for dinner again.  Enjoy!

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