Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Making of a Congo Country Home

This is a good basic structure.  Next comes the mud.

A  Congolese home from its very beginning.  Picture taken through the half open car window.

We were invited to visit the home of a church member.  He is one of the Branch Presidents here.  He is the owner of a large property and probably pretty well off.  I apologize  if  you have already seen some of these photos
This is the beautiful front door.

This is the front room.  There is some nice handwork displayed.  The cloth on the table was very pretty.

This is the master bedroom.  Mom's purse is hanging from a peg on the wall.

A peek into another bedroom.

This cabinet against the kitchen wall has a fine mesh front to keep the insects out.  The table to the left will show in the next photo.

Basic storage, etc.

The stone jug in the corner keeps the drinking water cold.   The barrel to the right is much like the water barrel we use to catch rain water.

The basket against the wall is used to carry live fowl to or from the market.  
These palm nuts are much like chewing gum as we know it.   Pop one in your mouth and enjoy.  They grow in the top of the common palm tree and the kids make it a great sport to pry them loose with long bamboo poles.  These are also used to make palm oil.

The garden tiller stored against the house.

Farm land and out buildings.

This little guy is $40 if you want to buy.  He is the source of his young owner's school fund.

Love that bamboo!

There is always a ready supply of amaranth leaves growing.  These young girls have their work cut out for them every day before dinner.

Who needs a patio when there is such a nice spot of bamboo shade next to the house?

The quiet landscape around the farm is incredible.

Meandering paths and a threatening sky.  Beautiful.

We now leave the peaceful landscape to head back to the city.  Ready for the bumpy road?  We think on occasions that it is more blessed to walk than it is to ride.

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